Amoenam Peninsulam

I'm drawn to landscape photography for all the usual reasons, but it is the experience of slowing down that I find most gratifying. I savor the natural palatte of light and color, and the intimate awareness of my surroundings; the sand beneath my feet, the rustle of maple leaves jostled by a gust of wind, the quiet of a frozen inland lake.

My favorite aspect about taking pictures will always be the learning process. I try to accurately reflect what I see when the shutter release is depressed, and my aim is to capture that moment to the fullest extent in-camera. As such, I avoid compositing or excessively manipulating my images other than restoring the tones and clarity lost in RAW conversion. A circular polarizer is sometimes used to control reflections, and I make use of hand-held ND grads to contain dynamic range.

My influences are varied, and surprisingly include few actual photographers, and more conventional media artists. However, I am continually inspired by the wealth of incredibly talented landscape photographers, and I'd be remiss not to mention Trevor Brown, who inspired me to start finding pictures.....way back in 2008. That, and Galen Rowell's "Mountain Light."

Since 2013 I've been fastening a pochade box to my tripod every now and then, to do quick plein air oil sketches of scenes that attract me for their subtlety, in between the fleeting drama of the golden hours . My current influences include the loose yet thoughtful techniques of English plein air painters David Curtis and Maxwell Wilks, and the painterly approach being taught so beautifully by the new wave of American plein air artists like Kevin Macpherson.

Most of my pictures are made in West and Upper Michigan where I live and work as a pediatrician. Travelling to more exotic locales is a privilege that my job just does not afford me- and there's plenty of beauty and sweet light here to keep me and my family enraptured. My gallery is a work in progress so I hope you'll visit often. Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop me a line.

Joash Raj

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